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Comment from a past student, Julie Kebbi (une élève qui a passé le Cambridge Avanced Level in English). A brilliant student with a brilliant future !

How did learning English from a young age benefit you in your studies? In your personal life? How did having passed the Cambridge exams help you?

I have learned to speak English since I was three and started at the English School. However, I did not see the benefits of speaking a foreign language right away. It helped me in English classes at school. I f…irst noticed it as being a major advantage when I travelled and was able to engage with foreigners all around the world very easily because we had a common language, English. The more I grew up, the more I understood how important it was becoming to speak more than one language in our current society. I developed a particular interest in incorporating English in my higher studies. I chose a degree where half of the classes are taught in English and was able to get into it without an interview thanks to my Cambridge exams which are recognized internationally to prove my English level. I use English in my daily life as well; from watching movies in their original language to asking for directions in a foreign country and even understanding song lyrics. It also helped me with my year abroad in Spain. I could socialize very easily with students from all around the world. I am very glad I began learning English at such a young age. I now try to perfect it and still learn new things every day. It has been a strong advantage and still is to this day. These exams are now on my resume as well and have benefited me in getting internships as well. The English School gives a great preparation not only in order to take the exams but also to obtain long term results.


Des cours d’anglais, en plus de l’école, c’était une idée de ma mère… ! Moi, je n’avais pas vraiment envie. J’étais en maternelle quand j’ai commencé et je sortais de l’english school en disant : « Je ne comprends rien à ce que dit Ingrid ! » Maintenant, je suis en 4e et tout ce que j’ai appris avec Ingrid me sert toujours… Un grand merci à Ingrid. English lessons in addition to the school, it was an idea of my mother! I didn’t really want. I was in kindergarten when I started and I left the English school saying : “I don’t understand what Ingrid says! “Now I’m in 8th grade and all I have learned with Ingrid still serves me … A big thank you to Ingrid.


J’ai commencé à étudier l’anglais avec Ingrid quand j’étais au CP. …Grâce à ses cours, j’ai été plus sûre de moi pendant les cours au collège et j’ai participé plus volontiers à l’oral. Aujourd’hui, je suis en terminale et je me souviens encore de chansons que j’avais apprises avec Ingrid. Merci Ingrid ! I began to study English with Ingrid when I was in CP. Thanks to her lessons, I was more confident in class in college and I participated more willingly orally. Today, I am in high school and I still remember songs I had learned with Ingrid. Thank you Ingrid!

De Jessie DELAIE
“I’ve had many good English teachers during my school years. Ingrid Joseph Faniart was the first. Thank you for everything “


“Ingrid Joseph Faniart a été la première a m’initier a la langue anglaise. Par sa douceur et son sens inné de la pédagogie elle a été une fabuleuse porte d’entrée. Aujourd’hui de part mon métier je voyage beaucoup et ma fluidité d’expression m’aide énormément. Elle a aussi été ma ” première rencontre” avec une culture différente alors du fond du cœur : Thanks for Who you are Ingrid, and what you have done for me:) be blessed!

NB: ne cherchez plus d’ecole d’anglais pour vos enfants : vous avez déjà trouvé la meilleure!!!


D’Orphée NANJI, un garçcon de 11 ans en 6ème à Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle qui nous raconte dans un anglais parfait pour son âge son voyage aux Etats-Unis :

My summer holidays: My name is Orphée and I am 11 years old. I have… been studying English from the age of 6 and I hope to be parfumer when I am older. This summer 2014, I visited the United States with my family and we travelled through the East Coast from New York. There, we visited museums and a place called Times Square where we could see a lot of shops, big screens on buildings and a lot of people walking in the streets. After New York, we visited a zone where people called Amish ( a part of Protestants) live without technology: they don’t have electricity, cars or cell phones; they work in the fields only with horses instead of tractors. Later, we went down to Philadelphia and Washington where we visited the Spy Museum, we saw the Capitol and the White House. We travelled to the South and arrived in Florida where we visited the Disney Parks in Orlando: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom; the Sea World with dolphin shows and the Kennedy Space Center (where we launch the rockets) next to the ocean. And to finish, we visited the city of Miami and the beaches of Palm Beach. I enjoyed my summer holidays with my family.

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